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Cliff Bradley

UNDEAD - Expanded Soundtrack by Clifford Bradley

UNDEAD - Expanded Soundtrack by Clifford Bradley

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Klaatu Records proudly presents the expanded reissue of "UNDEAD", the 2003 film directed by The Spreig Brothers (DAYBREAKERS, JIGSAW, PREDESTINATION).

This Australian production shot on location in Queensland, Undead revolves around a group of people in the rual town of Berkeley, where the townsfolk leave a tranquil and peaceful way of life except for Rene (Felicity Mason), who has lost her family farm to the bank and wants out. As soon as she starts to head to the big city, Rene encounters a meteor shower which starts to cause the dead to rise from the grave and turn the townsfolk into blood thirsty zombies. Rene and four other survivors of this outer space plague the try desperately to survive the night and the horde of cannibalistic mutants.

The film score is by Clifford Bradley, who ramps up the scares and terror with a frightening score that mixes both electronics and solo musicians. 

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