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THERE'S NOTHING OUT THERE - Original Soundtrack by Christopher Thomas

THERE'S NOTHING OUT THERE - Original Soundtrack by Christopher Thomas

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Klaatu Records proudly presents the premiere release the score for "THERE'S NOTHING OUT THERE", the directorial debut from writer/director Rolfe Kanefsky (THE HAZING, NIGHTMARE MAN).

The 1991 independent production, written by Kanefsky when he was a high school senior, revolves around Mike (Craig Peck), a genuine horror film buff who has studied every film of the genre on home video and has a developed a sense of impending danger or doom because of it. When a group of teens show up at the nearby cabin in the woods for spring break, Mike tries to warn them about someone or something stalking them. They immediately dismiss him as watching too many movies until a murderous mutated frog starts to kill them off one by one, the horror genre's cliches start to become frighteningly real.

The film score is by Christopher Thomas, who ramps up the scares and terror of the genre despite the films' limited budget with much success.


  • Premiere release, first time available
  • Pulled from only surviving cassette tapes
  • The Complete Original Score by Christopher Thomas
  • Mastered by Nick Bassett
  • Liner notes by writer/director Rolfe Kanefsky
  • Artwork Layout Design by Luis Miguel Rojas
  • Limited Edition of 300 units


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