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Darren Morze

THE MOUSE TRAP (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

THE MOUSE TRAP (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Get ready for chills and thrills with the haunting score from "The Mouse Trap", the first Mickey Mouse horror film! This shocking twist on the beloved character is directing by Jamie Bailey and features a spine-tingling script by Simon Phillips. Starring Sophie McIntosh, Nick Biskupek, Mackenzie Mills, and Simon Phillips.

It's Alex's 21st birthday, but her celebration plans are derailed when she's stuck working late at the creepy amusement arcade. Her friends plan a surprise party, but the night takes a deadly turn when a masked killer - dressed in a disturbing Mickey Mouse costume - begins to play a murderous game of cat and mouse. Can Alex survive the night?

Immerse yourself in the fear with the pulse-pounding original score by Darren Morze. The soundtrack is available as a limited edition CD and digital download. But be warned: once you hear the haunting melodies, they'll stay with you long after the music ends...


  • World Premiere Release
  • Album Layout Design by Luis Miguel Rojas
  • Album Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by bLACKMAIL, LLC. 
  • Limited Edition of 200 units. 
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