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Paul Zaza

PROM NIGHT IV: DELIVER US FROM EVIL - Original Soundtrack by Paul Zaza

PROM NIGHT IV: DELIVER US FROM EVIL - Original Soundtrack by Paul Zaza

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Klaatu Records proudly presents the world premiere release to the horror-thriller "PROM NIGHT IV: DELIVER US FROM EVIL", a direct-to-video 1992 sequel which follows more in the traditional slasher footsteps of the 1980 film starring Jaime Lee Curtis and Leslie Nielsen, then it's subsequent sequels, "HELLO MARY LOU: PROM NIGHT II" and "PROM NIGHT III: THE LAST KISS" in later years.

This fourth film in the "PROM NIGHT" series begins in 1957 on the same night Mary Lou Maloney was burnt alive inside Hamilton High and outside the school, a young couple was murdered by a lunatic priest named Father Jonas (James Carver). The church soon banishes him and lock him away for almost 30 years. Jonas finally escapes his underground church prison and starts to wreck havoc once again on the very same night where he murdered and immolated his first victims, Prom Night!  A pair of couples choose Jonas' hideaway to have a tryst not knowing that he now out and bloodthirsty as ever.

Returning to conclude the series is Composer Paul Zaza (PROM NIGHT, MY BLOODY VALENTINETURK 182!, STAG) that started in 1980 writing a traditional horror score for the original "PROM NIGHT" and for this fourth and final installment, Zaza has gone back and written a traditional gothic horror score that matches both the intensity and bloodshed. A gothic work on a grand scale that satisfactually closes the Prom Night series.

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