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Trey Parker

CANNIBAL! THE MUSICAL - Original Soundtrack by Trey Parker

CANNIBAL! THE MUSICAL - Original Soundtrack by Trey Parker

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Klaatu Records proudly presents the newly limited and expanded CD edition release to the cult-classic horror/comedy "CANNIBAL! THE MUSICAL" by the creators of "SOUTH PARK" and "BOOK OF MORMON", Trey Parker and Matt Stone. 

CANNIBAL! THE MUSICAL is the true story of the only person convicted of cannibalism in America - Alferd Packer. The sole survivor of an ill-fated trip to the Colorado Territory, he tells his side of the harrowing tale to news reporter Polly Prye as he awaits his execution. While searching for gold and love in the Colorado Territory, he and his companions lost their way and resorted to unthinkable horrors, including toe-tapping songs! Packer and his five wacky mining buddies sing and dance their ways into your heart... and then take a bite out of it! CANNIBAL! THE MUSICAL is OKLAHOMA meets BLOODSUCKING FREAKS. Brought to you by the Troma Team and Trey Parker - the Rogers and Hammerstein of Horror!

The film stars Trey Parker (SOUTH PARK), Matt Stone (SOUTH PARK), Dian Bachar (BASEKETBALL, ORGAZMO), Jason McHugh (ORGAZMO) and Toddy Walters (ORGAZMO).  

For this newly expanded release, the stereo and music and effects tracks, were pulled from the digibeta tapes (thought to be lost) and have been remixed from scratch. What you'll hear is the best quality this soundtrack has ever heard!

What a Shpadoinkle day!


  • Newly Expanded CD Release
  • Pulled from the Digibeta tapes
  • Album Edited and Mixed by Logan Johns
  • Album Remastered by Jörn Druhmann 
  • Artwork Layout Design by Luis Miguel Rojas
  • Limited Edition of 300 units

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